Joint Workshop | HiDALGO in HiPEAC

The HiDALGO2 team is very excited to participate in the HiPEAC conference this January, in Munich, with the joint workshop “Towards reliable Digital Twin: advancing applications and tools capabilities for Global Challenges”. This is not the first time the project participates as the first edition of the HiDALGO2 project participated in the HiPEAC conference in 2021.

The HiPEAC conference is the premier European forum for experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for general-purpose, embedded and cyber-physical systems. Areas of focus and integration include safety-critical dependencies, cybersecurity, energy efficiency and machine learning

About HiDALGO2 & ESiWACE3 workshop, 17 January 2024 (14:00-17:30)

The theme of the workshop is “Towards reliable Digital Twin: advancing applications and tools capabilities for Global Challenges” and is organised together with ESiWACE3, the Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe.

Climate change, an undeniable global issue, is impacting our daily lives through the dynamic development of societies, leading to extreme weather events and a decreased quality of life. Addressing these challenges requires interdisciplinary expertise, and initiatives like HiDALGO2 and ESiWACE3 take, that aim to harness modelling, data analysis, and advanced technologies on scalable HPC and AI systems to find effective solutions.

This training session offers participants the chance to acquire diverse techniques for constructing efficient simulation systems in Global Systems Science. It is structured into four segments covering application, performance, uncertainty quantification, and portal. The application section introduces the HiDALGO2 Urban Air Project, emphasising high-resolution urban wind comfort and air quality simulations. The performance section showcases improvements in Python-based applications on modern hardware and lossy compression tools for weather and climate data. The uncertainty quantification segment delves into how Centers of Excellence (CoEs) can apply uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis in their applications, while the final part focuses on simplifying HPC cluster access through portal solutions, demonstrating customization options for various applications via templates and custom views.

The workshop organiser is Marcin Lawenda, our project coordinator from Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center. During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn various techniques used in the construction of efficient simulation systems in the area of Global Systems Science. This training is divided into four blocks: application, performance, uncertainty quantification, and portal, and has 7 sessions:

Presenters of the 7 different sessions of the workshop are: Łukasz Szustak (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center), Flavio Cesar Cunha Galeazzo (HLRS – High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart), Xavier Yepes-Arbós (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Bartosz Bosak, Michał Kulczewski, Wojciech Szeliga, Piotr Kopta, and Tomasz Piontek (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center), Zoltán Horváth, Kornyei Laszlo , Ákos Kovács, and Mátyás Constans (Széchenyi István Egyetem)

HiPEAC is a well organised conference where you can find a lot of information on cutting edge technologies as well as the people and organisations behind them.

Join us for a unique learning experience and networking at HiPEAC in Munich this January 2024!

For more information contact HiPEAC here:

Check all the analytical agenda, the sessions and the presenters here.

The workshop will take place on 17/01/2024, 14:00-17:30 in the room designated as “Seminar- raum 2” (with tables), located in the Leibniz Rechenzentrum (LRZ), a 3-5 minutes walk from the main conference venue of HiPEAC in Munich.

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