Exploring synergies between modeling, data acquisition, simulation, data analysis, and visualization.


HiDALGO2 aims to offer fast and precise simulations addressing global challenges, considering factors like current weather and traffic conditions. The goal is to enhance leading scientific applications in environmental protection for large-scale and precise analysis of threats to human life and health.

By leveraging advanced solutions (HPC, HPDA, AI), HiDALGO2 provides stakeholders with tools to mitigate the impacts of climate and civilization phenomena, delivering essential knowledge.


HiDALGO2 mission is to provide effective and accurate simulations covering global challenges. The information will be provided quickly and will consider changing conditions like the current weather and traffic.


HiDALGO2 vision is to extend the possibilities of the world’s leading scientific applications in the field of environmental protection to effectively analyse phenomena on a large scale and with high precision that threaten human life and health.


HiDALGO2 brings together advanced solutions (HPC, HPDA, AI) to provide stakeholders and decision makers tools that would mitigate tragic consequences of climate and civilization phenomenon by delivering necessary knowledge.

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Use Cases

HiDALGO2 aims to explore synergies between modelling, data acquisition, simulation, data analysis and visualisation along with achieving better scalability on current and future HPC and AI infrastructures to deliver highly-scalable solutions that can effectively utilise pre-exascale systems. The project focuses on four use cases from the environmental area: improving air quality in urban agglomerations, energy efficiency of buildings, renewable energy sources and wildfires.

Urban air project

In this use case we work around the evolution of air in urban areas…

Urban Building Model

Here we focus on advanced building models…

Renewable energy sources

We aim to advance energy production estimation…


To simulate wildfire-atmosphere interactions…

Material Transport in Water

Αdvanced numerical simulations…


The composition of the HiDALGO2 consortium is characterised by its interdisciplinary nature, resulting from the involvement of teams from various European countries (8 partners from 7 countries).

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Take the chance to meet the people behind the organisations who are contributing with their work at the HiDALGO2 project. Find out how they can help using their experience to achieve the project’s goals.

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