HiDALGO2 in ICIAM 2023, Japan, August 2023

HiDALGO2 took part at the ICIAM 2023 conference in Tokyo in August 2023, where Zoltán Horváth from our partner Széchenyi István Egyetem (SZE) was an invited speaker in the mini-symposium “Physics-based and data-driven modeling for digital twins” with joint work of Mátyás Constans. He presented the RedSIM solver created in HiDALGO2.

RedSIM is a CFD solver for compressible fluids of unstructured meshes and runs on multi-GPU hardware very efficiently. Its further novelty is that RedSIM has a model order reduction module, which runs in productional mode on systems with a degree of freedom of 10^8 for modelling urban air pollution. It collects data from full-order simulations, extracts the most valuable information from the snapshots by SVD, and creates a much faster simulation for the same problem with limited loss of accuracy. No other code for model reduction that works for such a large problem was presented at the conference. The audience and the discussion group acknowledged the proposed theorem, which gives sufficient conditions under which the SVD-based low-rank matrix approximations ensure the physical interpretability of the numerical procedure. Further information about the lectures of the mini-symposium can be found here: https://iciam2023.org/registered_data?id=01099#04925 n

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