HiDALGO2 in Big Data Value Association’s Task Force meeting

On December 15, 2023, a meeting of the Task Force “Integration and Convergence HPC – Big Data – Artificial Intelligence” working group of the Big Data Value Association was held. During this meeting, the HiDALGO2 project coordinator, Marcin Lawenda, presented the main areas of our project’s activities. The presentation focused on aspects related to managing large amounts of data, data analytics, and AI implementations.

In the next stage, working subjects will be defined, within which cooperation between HiDALGO2 and BDVA will be established.

BDVA is a member of EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, which collaborates with various project initiatives to strengthen connections between communities, developing synergies in selected areas of the innovation ecosystem that enable the data-driven digital transformation of the economy and society in Europe. The Task Force “Integration and Convergence HPC – Big Data – Artificial Intelligence” focuses on leading several research and innovation activities relevant to both EuroHPC JU and the AI, Data, and Robotics Partnership, supporting the alignment between both partnerships communities to develop common business and research opportunities.

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