Women In HPC Science

Credited as one of the first computer scientists, Ada Lovelace saw the potential of computers a century before any were ever built (Source: Advanced Science News)

As the “Woman in Science Day” on February 11, 2024, draws near, we’ve launched a collection of articles designed to acquaint you with inspiring women leading initiatives like HiDALGO2. Throughout this series of articles forming our Women in Science Campaign, we aim to showcase their contributions to leveraging High-Performance Computing (HPC) to address pressing environmental and societal issues.

We’ve delved into their project contributions, explored the various roles they’ve taken on, and discussed the importance of gender diversity within their field.

Taking inspiration from Ada Lovelance (daughter of the English poet, Lord Byron), the first-ever woman computer scientist and a mathematician credited for writing the first computer program in the 1840s, the women of HiDALGO2 engage deeply with computer science share with us their perspective on women working in the STEM field. Let’s read their stories:

Vasiliki Kostoula – Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS)

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