Hidalgo2 in Sevilla RIyRN

MeteoGrid (MTG), HiDALGO2 partner in Spain had the opportunity to showcase the progress in visual simulation and supercomputing applied to wildfires within the framework of our project at the Conference on Wildfires and Natural Risks (RIyRN) that took place in January 2023 in Seville, Spain.

This significant conference brought together over 170 attendees, including top officials from Andalusia, representatives from provincial and regional governments of Spain, intervention and civil protection bodies, and representatives from territorial and environmental planning and management. The meeting delved into profound issues related to the new reality of wildfires in the context of climate change, discussing possible and necessary measures, with a primary focus on forest management and societal adaptation to ensure self-protection and risk culture.

David Caballero from MTG presented the HiDALGO2 wildfire pilot, detailing the strategy for numerical simulation of fire-atmosphere interactions carried out in HPC facilities and the methodology for hyper-realistic visual simulation for virtual reality experiences in scenarios of wildfires threatening urban areas. The presentation had a significant impact, leading to several lines of collaboration emerging from it. The event was widely shared on social media platforms.

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